Neeta S Revankar has been with Sasken since 1995; and is currently the Chief Financial Officer of the company. Neeta is also on the Sasken Board as a Whole-Time Director. Her mandate includes driving the organization to match world standards in accounting processes and disclosures.As CFO, she has helped Sasken establish strong financial discipline, corporate governance & ethical business practices. Further, over the last couple of years she has contributed to stabilizing and strengthening the Human Resource (HR) function. Her current responsibilities are a reflection of her sharp business acumen and capable leadership.Neeta is one of the many Sasken leaders who have grown through the ranks. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. Besides, she participated in the Program for Global Leadership (PGL) in 2001 and Advanced Management Program (AMP) in 2007 of the Harvard Business School.Besides playing a stellar role as CFO here at Sasken, Neeta has also won commendations from external accredited CFO forums. She was conferred the India CFO Award 2005 for ‘Excellence in Finance in SME’ by IMA India; in recognition of her contribution towards enhancing the strategic scope of the finance function and her exemplified excellence in the domain.

Neeta Revankar
Whole-time Director and CFO


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